The Latest News ~ 2/26/15

We've had a rockin' year in 2014, lots of gigs and parties, and the addition of Sonja Hannington as our backup saxophonist! I just added updated live demo tunes with Quick now holding court on the vox. New dates are being added as we speak, so check out the schedule daddy-o!

~ 3/26/14

The newest rendition of Three Button Deluxe had a fine gig at Nocturnem Draft Haus in Bangor on March 8th, and are hoping to be back there soon! Keep an eye out!

~ 2/25/13

Hey Cats & Kittens! Here's the latest news you can use!

These cats are huddled by their heaters, practicing up for a new season of rockin' and rollin'! We had a great time bringin' it at the Harvest Hootenany in Camden last fall! Hope to see you all out and about soon!

~ 1/19/12

Three Button Deluxe (redux) Trio had their first gig last night for some hep cats in Camden. Quick gargled frequently with his Bombay Saphire martinis to keep the pipes well watered for three sets of singing (with a few instrumentals thrown in for good measure! Those sock covered feet kept that floor polished! Doghouse was swingin' that bass and Rhythm was holdin' it all down just fine! And now these cats are already in the calendar for their next upcoming bash!

So look for an upcoming show somewhere near you....or book us yourselves!

~ 12/22/11

Well, we need to send a fond farewell to Paddy "Daddy-O" Rowling. After 8 years of singin' and swingin' with 3BD, he and his lovely wife are off to tour America in their Wanderbird. We wish them safe travels! But have no fear, the party is indeed not over! Quick, and Rhythm are working feverishly to re-form this band. We have found a hep cat willing to rock the doghouse bass: one Eric "Doghouse" Davis. Quick is currently taking the lead vocal chair. We will also be joined by Scotty "Rippin" Rapaport on saxophone and vocals! FYI, for special events we have the option to expand our vocal repertoire with the addition of Sara Goldenthal.

For more info make sure to check the Schedule page for details on upcoming gigs, dig?

That about wraps it up for now y'all. Until we see you hoppin' to the sound of us boppin'; be safe, have fun and keep swingin'!

If you haven't already, go to the Contact page and sign up for the email list. That way, we'll keep you posted and hip to all happenin's!

What folks are saying:

"These guys are the greatest, fantastic." Whenever you need good music with great guys, let David know, they are the band for you."
Margaret Rauenhorst ~ Camden birthday party

"Just the briefest of thank yous before we hit the road for the honeymoon..... But THANK YOU!!!!! You guys were awesome, you made our party FANTASTIC, everybody loved you and told us so all night ... Cheers!"
Steph & Paddy Mills ~ Mills wedding reception

"Your band has the most authentic '40s/'50s look AND sound that I have ever come across ... If I closed my eyes, I would've sworn it was Bill Haley up there Rockin' Around the Clock!"
Tom Borne ~ Belfast Summer Nights concert attendee

"Everybody after the show was buzzing about how great the band was ... We'll definitely have you back next season!"
Russ Page ~ Saturday Night In Dover-Foxcroft concert series promoter/director

"You guys were really on your game last night! I heard so many wonderful comments about the music last night, I finally told people 'Go up and tell them!' ... You were great!"
Keith Haverin ~ Downeast Dancers dance instructor and promoter

"I just wanted to say that you guys absolutely rocked. You were by far the most professional, easy-to-plan, and swinging element of the event. We were swarmed by great comments and reviews ..."
Ben Ayers ~ Ayers wedding reception

"Your band was incredible! We definitely want you back next year! We'll put you in the biggest dance spot we can find ... you absolutely FILLED the floor!"
Mary Mortier ~ New Year's By the Bay, Belfast promoter and chair

"Wow! What a fantastic and fun band! It was just right for the event and we had nothing but compliments all night long. Thanks for helping make our fundraising gala so successful!"

Polly Saltanstall ~ Penobscot Marine Museum fundraising event chair

"Hot sax lines, swinging guitar solos, rock-solid drumming and a lead singer who simultaneously walks all over that big upright bass ... All while dressed in Zoot suits?!? What are you doin' in Maine!?! I mean, c'mon ... How come you guys aren't playin' Vegas!
Kerry Altiero ~ Restaurant owner and Elvisphile

About the Band:
Lots of cats been askin' about this hep band and how they got their start. Well try to keep up, or you'll get left at the light Jack!

The recipe? Take four of the mid-coast area's most accomplished musicians--one part guitar slinger, one part bass man, one part rhythm king with a splash of sax--combine with a common love for the jumpin' and jivin' sounds of the '40s and '50s, stir in zoot suits and retro-rocker threads, shake it up and pour the whole she-bang in a cocktail glass over ice-cool, vintage instruments. That's how you make the Three Button Deluxe daddy-o!

What's in a name? Well, everything you could say. Folks ask if Three Button Deluxe is the name of some kind of special zoot suit jacket. Well, nobody in this band has counted their buttons, but it could be, Pops! Is it a cocktail of some sort? Could be, but you'll never see one on a bar menu anywhere. Another rumor has it that Quick's guitar has a special control layout. Actually, I couldn't tell ya ... that cat's too fast to know for sure! Old Fez said it is the name of an Atlantic City card hustle, but we wouldn't know anything about that, officer. Is it the punch line of a tired joke? The special tranny in a '59 Chrysler? Or is it in memory of their long-dead mentor, trumpet virtuoso Rosemont "Thatch" Johnson? To be honest, only the band knows for sure. And they ain't tellin' neither. So what's the best answer to the question "What does Three Button Deluxe mean?" Don't bust yer conch trying to figure it out. Simply put, it means a great time for everyone at their show.

The band is dedicated to putting on a great event, with the best music from the years when the babies were boomin' jack! Come catch us at one of our gigs, we'll be bring the music and the fun ... you supply the shoe leather! Don't be a wet rag, these cats are radioactive, you dig?

"Gotta jump?
This band delivers.
Swing your thing?
We givin' chicks the shivers.
Wanna roll?
You better clear the floor.
Need to rock?
We'll knock you out the door.
You don't need no tie or tux!
Get ready for Three Button Deluxe!"

Lyrics from "the Three Button Deluxe Jump"
By Paddy "Daddy-O" Rowling
copyright 2004 by 60 Cycle Hum Music, Ltd

One thing all three agree on? There is no such thing as a Vodka Martini.