Paddy "Daddy-O" Rowling first remembers listening specifically to the bass lines in songs on the radio as a little kid, tunes like "Joy to the World" by Three Dog Night, and "Papa was a Rolling Stone" by the Temptations. At age 6, his father gave him a collection of old, scratched up 45s from the '50s and a stack of 78s from the Big Band Era. That formed the musical foundation in his life and started a life-long love affair with Jump, Swing and early R&B and Rock and Roll. He started playing trumpet at age 7, but continued to hear the bass prominently in every tune. Giving up trumpet, he started playing bass in 1981, when a group of close friends all decided to start a band. They actually drew straws to see who got to pick which instrument they wanted to play. Daddy-O went third, and after the first two guys picked lead & rhythm guitar respectively, he was left with bass, drums, or keyboard. His sister Pam was already an excellent pianist, and drummers always seemed to have WAY too much equipment to lug around, so bass it was!

He has played hundreds of gigs all over New England in many groups including rock bands "Faceplant," "the Draw," "Pulltoy" and "Tonto Lavec." In the critically acclaimed Latin ensamble "Los Carajos," the R&B act "the Elevator Pilots," Jazz combo "the Uptown Rhythm Kings" and Disco/Funk group "the Groove Machine." In the early 1990s, he co-founded "Blue Condition" with Paul Curtis—Guitar and Vocals, "Hurricane Bob" Belino—Blues Harp, and Toby DiLorenzo—Drums. As the original house band responsible for anchoring the Monday Night Blues at the Trade Winds in Rockland, and the Wednesday Night Blues at Gilbert's Pub in Camden for two years, they helped forge the path for the Rockland blues scene that has since spawned the North Atlantic Blues Festival.

Currently, he is anchoring the low end spectrum of Three Button Deluxe, spinning discs as a radio DJ on WRFR-FM 93.3, and is striving to remain "hip to all happenings."

Current Equipment

Palatino Swingstar Blonde Upright Bass ~ "Jane"
1951 Fender Precision Bass Reissue ~ "Slabby Joe"
1957 Fender Precision Bass Reissue ~ "Goldie"

Favorite Zoot:
Mint green pin-stripe with peak lapels, lavender vest, black & white wingtips and a porkpie hat!

Bombay Sapphire, up, bone dry, in-and-out with Noilly Pratt dry vermouth; with a single olive, swimming and a lemon twist.